Access Control

Door Entry Panel

NET2 Range

Net2 is an advanced PC based access control solution. Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 50,000 users.

Perfectly tailor access control privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using our intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and the single-door architecture makes specifying, installing and maintaining the system easy.

Access Control advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and 'Triggers and Actions' further extend the capabilities of this cutting-edge system.

Key features Typical applications
PC based system Small/medium premises
Central control of privileges Large corporate premises
Manage 100s of doors, 10,000 users Multiple-site premises
Event reporting Government buildings
Scaleable; add to systems easily Universities
Integrate other building systems Sports clubs
Proximity, magstripe or keypads Car parks

Networked Access Control

Our networked access control system, Net2, is administered using one or more PCs and can be monitored and managed from a central location. Our door controllers come as IP, wireless or battery powered.

Door Entry

Our door entry system, Net2 Entry, is an advanced one cable door entry system with built-in access control capabilities.

Proximity Reader

Access Control Compact Range

An ideal standalone access control solution for internal (low security) doors. A compact system comprises an integrated reader and control unit, which are quick and easy to install: simply connect to a power supply and a lock. Simple token management using our card packs makes administration of the system very easy. Compact door entry systems are available in proximity, magstripe and keypad variants, and are ideal for smaller sites.

Key features Typical applications
Integrated control unit and reader Small business premises
Simple token management Sports clubs
Scalable; add to systems easily Any low-risk internal door
Proximity, magstripe or keypads Apartment complexes
Storage unit
Access Control Unit


Switch2 is a standalone access control product suitable for external use in applications requiring high levels of security. Comprising a separate control unit and reader (the control unit is installed in a safe area to avoid tampering), Switch2 systems are a scaleable, easy-to-manage access control solution ideal for small to medium sites. Switch2 uses the same ingenious token management system as the compact system, and is also available with proximity, magstripe and keypad variants.

Key features Typical applications
Separate control unit and reader Small business premises
Simple token management Sports clubs
Scalable; add to systems easily Schools
Proximity, magstripe or keypads Apartment complexes
Storage units
Sites requiring high security
Carpark barriers

Standalone Access Control

Our standalone access control is a non-networked system made up of readers or simple door controllers located at each door. Standalone systems are administered via the use of tokens or card packs.

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