WiFi & Wireless


A WiFi site survey is essential in the planning and design phase before the installation of a wireless network across a premises or location can be carried out. There are different types of WiFi site surveys, but they generally consider factors such as premises and site size, required coverage, number of devices (capacity), current infrastructure along with interference and building construction.

Network Design

Expert engineers will visit site and perform a wireless survey and network analysis to identify any potential interference or hindrance to WiFi coverage. The survey looks at all aspects of the building and infrastructure to pick  up on any other devices working on or near similar frequencies.

Internet connectivity plays a major part of successful  WiFi experience, for this reason the engineer will also check the type and suitability of current internet connection used onsite. Once the survey is complete the engineer will provide a report with the findings and the required works to provide a strong and reliable coverage and throughput.

WiFi Coverage

With everything considered from Construction, size of premises, network capacity and types of devices connecting to the network. There could be high network congestion, building material and/or local interference which could affect the signal strengths which our engineers will have taken into account when designing or fault-finding the network.

We will provide a predefined minimum signal strength, to make sure all devices can access the WiFi as long as the network is installed to the specifications detailed in our survey.


Our engineers can advice on the correct type and optimisation of required equipment to give a the best available experience. Whatever your wireless  requirements Dalton Net Service will help design and install a WiFi network that will meet and exceed your needs and requirements.

WiFi Products

WiFi Access Points & WiFi Controllers

11ac Wave 2 (3×3) MU-MIMO
Ideal for High Density Deployment

11ac Wave 1 (3×3) SU-MIMO
Ideal for Mid-Size Deployment

11ac Wave 1 (2×2) SU-MIMO
Ideal for Small Deployment

11ac Wave 1 (2×2) SU-MIMO
Ideal for in Room Deployment