A Safe Home for All Your Data

Hosted exclusively on your own private server/cloud so you can rest assured that your data is under your control. ownCloud is all about your privacy and works to protect your files. It ensures that access is controlled only by the one who should have control: You.

Sync and Share Your Data, with Ease

The most straightforward way to file sync and share data. You don’t need to worry about where or how to access your files, All your data is where ever you are; accessible on all devices, any time.

The Solution

ownCloud provides access to data no matter where it is – all while maintaining the policies and procedures that IT has established to effectively manage the business.

File access is provided through a single front-end to all of IT’s disparate systems. Users can access company files on any device, anytime, from anywhere while it is managed, controled and audited file sharing activity to ensure security and compliance measures are met. Data Infrastructure Modernization is realized through a common file access layer regardless of where the data lives – in applications, object stores, on-premises storage or in the cloud – all completely managed, secured and controlled by IT and yourselves.

Existing Infrastructure

ownCloud mounts any object store like S3 or OpenStack Swift, and has APIs to integrate easily with existing tools and the corporate infrastructure including:

  • SharePoint
    ownCloud treats SharePoint as an external storage location, translating ownCloud commands into SharePoint commands and enabling mobile, web and sync client access.  With SharePoint integration, ownCloud users can directly access their SharePoint document libraries.
  • Windows Network Drives
    ownCloud administrators can integrate one or more network drives within a single ownCloud instance, treating them as external storage and allowing users to access, sync and share files stored on the Windows network drives.
  • S3, Swift, Ceph, FTP
    ownCloud leverages storage that already exists, including S3, Swift, Ceph or FTP.