Communications & Connectivity

Broadband Communications

Affordable, high quality communications, ADSL, ADSL 2+ and FTTC Broadband products for all your broadband requirements.

Telephony Communications

Reliable and cost effective phone systems utilising both traditional telephony systems and digital IP services.

Be better connected…

We offer Enterprise communications class Phone systems and Broadband with expert cabling installations. Choose our Cloud hosted VoIP service that allows you to utilise a fully featured business telephone system over your broadband without installing any expensive, dedicated equipment or telephone lines on your premises.

We are a leading communications supplier of line and voice calls using the latest developments in both telephony and IT digital IP services. A reliable and cost effective phone system is vital for all businesses.

Even with the rise in mobile working and internet-based call services, a standard communications service is a utility that all businesses need, like electricity and water, so you need a guaranteed low cost solution. Many businesses are also taking advantage in call technology, such as digital and IP voice solutions.

Broadband Internet Access, aka broadband, allows for high speed Internet access.

Dalton Net Service Ltd offer a comprehensive range of business broadband solutions to suit all our customer requirements. Powered by a world-class network infrastructure and supported by unrivalled customer service and technical support, Dalton Net Service Ltd broadband is a fantastic communications solution for all your broadband requirements.

We have established a flexible, resilient infrastructure delivering world class connectivity and providing our customers with a chance to utilise comprehensive, affordable, high quality broadband products.